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WiFi Installation

All the different aspects of WiFi networks can be fairly complicated, especially when the company network needs to be large and accessible through an entire building.That’s why Active Communication Company Ltd in London is standing by to help with your bespoke wireless network installation service. We conduct wireless surveys and work within any budget to find a WiFi installation solution that is both affordable and effective for your company.

Choosing the Right Standard for your WiFi solution

Four different WiFi standards are commonly used today: 802-11a, 802-11b, 802-11g and 802-11n. There are, of course, different pros and cons specific to each standard that should be considered when setting up a network and looking into WiFi solutions.

The 802-11a standard was created at the same time as 802-11b, but did not gain popularity until slightly later. The two WiFi standards are incompatible since they run on different frequencies, so users must choose one or the other (if either). In general, 802-11a is used more for businesses and offices than for homes. It is more costly, but is also faster than its counterpart with a bandwidth of up to 54 MBits/sec.

Wireless technology (WiFi) explained

WiFi wireless Internet allows users to access the World Wide Web through whatever device they are using, assuming it has WiFi capabilities. Desktop computers may need to have a special wireless card installed before they are able to access WiFi networks, but most laptops have this capability already built-in. Some NetBook laptops are unable to connect to networks which use the latest 802-11n standard, but can still connect to the more widely used 802-11b and 802-11g. .

Pros and Cons of WiFi Wireless Technology

The advantages of wireless technology, combined with the compatibility brought about by the WiFi Alliance, should be fairly obvious. A wireless network allows portability for users within a building, so they can travel short distances while still using their laptops or other portable devices with full functionality. It also all but eliminates the mess and hassle of cables: even though the wireless router itself must be physically connected to the network cables, no extra wires will need to be present in public areas.

WiFi Surveys

To avoid dead zones or ineffective overlapping signals, routers must be placed in strategic locations within a building. WiFi surveys take the building’s dimensions and construction and the range of different routers into account to be sure they are placed effectively. The best way to determine where WiFi routers should be placed is to have a professional perform an on-site consultation.Active Communication Company Ltd provides these consultations for free, and can assist any company with building a custom network which is perfect for them from start to finish.

Functions, Uses and Compatibility of WiFi Certified Wireless Networks

Nowadays, it’s almost given that any widely used wireless router available for purchase will be WiFi compliant. This means that, as long as it’s working properly, it should be compatible with other WiFi compliant products: computers and laptops, cell phones, various handheld devices, et cetera. WiFi certification generally eliminates any incompatibility issues that might be a problem otherwise. Thanks to the popularity of the WiFi alliance, it’s usually safe to assume that commercially available products are built to be compatible (but it’s always a good idea to check first).

With fully functional wireless networks, compatible devices within range of a wireless router may connect and use it to connect to the Internet or to the LAN (Local Area Network), depending on how the router and network are configured. Wireless networks do have effective optional security functions, so users may be required to provide a password or to register prior to accessing the network. Once a user has completed any required steps, they may access certain parts of the network or use it to its full extent, depending on how it is configured.