Integrated Video Door Phone System For Smart Buildings

Making Communication Simple & Secure!

Enjoy full, secure control over access to your building & homes with our extensive choice of Video Door Entry System solutions. TSS Services. have solutions to fulfil the needs of each project.The reliability, integrity and dependability of our Video Door Entry Systems ensure that you can meet all of your existing and future security challenges with complete confidence. Whether a single family house, a row house, a high-rise building or a residential complex with a higher security requirement to screen all incoming calls, TSS Services provides solutions for them all. Offering a unique range of attractive integrated solutions, we provide products that are styled according to the market demands. Our range translates needs into innovations and advantages, and is capable of meeting all applications and building requirements.

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Total Integration, Nothing Is Impossible!

Total Integration, Nothing Is Impossible!


Welcome to a Worry Free Life!

Imagine a home, Your HOME ! Where you have that last detail to choose to make your home perfect. You have thought about and planned even the smallest detail. Including the colour schemes and accessories. Is there something missing? Are you thinking of the Security…… The Unseen danger lurking behind the door !!Here we will put a new perspective on things. Yes! So that you can relax and have a peaceful Worry free life. We have the vision to personalize a habitat making it more comfortable and user-friendly. Moreover, The unique designs and systems offered are the result of in-depth ergonomic human hand studies, Because we understand that design should not only look good but also be intelligent…. Introducing Standalone kits!

M12B7C – 7 ” Video Door Phone System

    High-Quality Handsfree Video Intercom, Monitoring, Remote Door Release.
    The kit Includes :
  • 1 Pc. – Outdoor 1 button ZAMAC die-cast vandal proof, screw-less design private call module with high-resolution pinhole wide angle night vision camera.
  • 1 Pc. – Sleek design 7” Videophone monitor supports 2 outdoor call module & 4 monitors in parallel, Feather touch buttons with 9 differential ringtones.
  • 1 Pc. – 12Vdc Power adaptor.