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Who’s got time to worry about an under desk cable tidy when there are always more pressing business issues to handle? If that sounds like you, we’ve got the perfect solution.Our under desk cable management services in London (North, South, East, West) and the surrounding areas are designed to make your office a safe space, with no accidents. Plus, we aim to improve the performance of your network. All without you having to invest too much time and energy.

What Does our Noida Under Desk Cable Management Service Consist of?

TSS Services has worked with hundreds of companies of all sizes in London and the surrounding area. This is how we learned that there is no one-size-fits-all in cable management systems, security solutions or networking.The best kind of services is the ones that are tailor-made to YOUR needs and to YOUR business. Thus, you can expect our team of skilled engineers and technicians to come up with a unique plan for your under desk tidy solution.

  • We start with a completely FREE, 100% no-obligations survey on your premises. Our team will assess your needs in terms of cabling and HSE compliance and provide you with a full report that outlines the issues we found as well as the best solutions to fix them.

Why Do You Need Desk Cable Management Services?

  • More than 10,000 people slip, fall or trip in the office      every year in the UK, according to HSE
  • Such accidents can end up costing you six to ten days of      absenteeism
  • Aside from disrupted work, you can end up paying hefty      fines and medical bills
  • There are several standards in place for desk cable      management system (like the ones of the TIA) and you      are required to abide by them
  • Network access and performance are directly influenced      by wire management
  • Top Benefits of Desk Cable Tidy Services

  • Reduce trips, falls and spills
  • Create a safer environment for your employees
  • Comply with the HSE regulations and the current      standards in the industry
  • Ensure the proper performance of your network
  • Make sure that your work days will never be interrupted      by a faulty cable under a desk
  • What Is the Best Time for an Under Desk Cable Tidy?

    You know what they say: there is no time like the present.If you haven’t worked on your cable management in a while, you should waste no more time. Every day is a new chance for an accident or an interruption due to poor under desk cable tidy.You should at least book a survey to see where you’re standing and what the biggest perils for your office are. Rest assured, if you work with professionals, the work disruption will be minimal (if any) during a cable management survey.The ideal times to book an office cable tidy service are:

    Why Choose TSS Services for All Your Cable Tidy Needs?

    We spent 25 years in this industry, providing security solutions and cable management services . Your longevity is due to our commitment to quality. We don’t just abide by the current rules, standards and regulations; we create our own superior standards.Some of the things that make us a preferred London cable management solutions provider include:

    • We only hire the best engineers and technicians. Our recruitment process requires heavy testing. Plus, all our employees are continuously trained. This is how we ensure they are always up to date on current standards and regulations, as well as familiar with the newest technologies in the field.