Here are the terms and conditions that we follow and we expect you to read it it before availing our services .By accessing this website and using it, you accepting and agreeing and obligated towards the terms and condition of this agreement. Whenever you are using this website especially services, you will be subjected to the guidelines and rules applicable to the services, which can be posted and can be modified in the course of time.

  • All the payment should be made in favor of Twin Smart Support Services Pvt. Ltd services
  • Our working hours starts from 10 am to 7pm between this times we request our customer to be at their premises so we can install the product.
  • Cables are laid by us for the installation of CCTV/IP Surveillance is of good quality.
  • Other accessories like HDMI cable, clamp, pipe, bent etc we want our customer should arrange for us so the installation can go hassle free.
  • Television/monitor should be arranged by the customer in order to check the quality of the output.
  • We can also help you in mobile configuration but that will bear extra cost.
  • We also want the availability of the internet during the installation process.
  • You will be getting a warranty of 12 months on product bought from us
  • Any product you buy from us and being tapered by the 3 party will not be considered as a warranty
  • The product you buy if not satisfy we initiate the process the refund within the 12 working days.


1. Only working Equipments will be considered for AMC

2. Payment 100% in advance.

3. Monitor / TV screen, Cable and Hard Disk are not included in AMC services.

4. 70% to 100% Cash back at the end of the Year.