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High-Performance Building-to-Building Connections for London Companies. Looking for low latency and safe connection between two or more of your Noida offices? There is a better alternative than VPN: free-to-air.

TSS Services can provide you with free space optics installation and maintenance services anywhere in Noida and the surrounding area. When you opt for a free-to-air connection, aside from lower latency and safety, you also get the benefit of owning your network equipment.

What Type of Free-to-Air Connection Is Ideal for Your Business?

TSS Services experts can help you choose the right free-to-air connection for your company. We offer the following solutions:FSO Laser Link Installation Service in Noida and the Surrounding AreaFSO (Free Space Optics) laser link is a high tech communication system whereby data is transmitted via laser light between two buildings. This technology is very similar to fibre optic, as it uses a light source to transmit the data. However, instead of a cable, the laser signal is transmitted through the air.In order to be able to use FSO systems between two buildings in Noida, you need to have a clear line of sight between each optics unit. There should be no obstructions (like trees or other buildings) between the transceiver units.

Microwave Wireless Bridge Installation Service

Microwave links are a cost-effective way for two or more buildings to share an Internet or Ethernet connection.Sharing a network between all the buildings where your company has offices helps you:Reduce costs (you only pay for one Internet access point). Have one Ethernet connection and a single LAN for your entire business. Make telephone calls between buildings in close proximity. View media files simultaneously even if the users are in different buildings.

Reasons to Choose a Microwave RF Link

Can penetrate walls within a building. Eliminates the need for complicated wires and cables. Very easy installation. Cost-effective.However, just like FSO technology, microwave links need a clear line of sight between the transceivers in order to work. Furthermore, they are highly susceptible to extreme weather conditions, especially when moisture is present: fog, rain, mist, snow, clouds may disrupt microwave communications. This is why some London business owners opt for fibre optics connections instead.If you are uncertain which of these solutions works best for you, we can help you make the right decision through a FREE on-site survey.

The TSS Services Guarantee

Top-of-the-line equipment: we are certified partners for CableFree and Geodesy, leading providers of free-to-air products. Your company’s free-to-air solution is in the best hands: all our engineers and technicians are highly skilled and undergo continuous training. Prompt support services: whenever something goes wrong, we will we be there to fix in no more than 24 hours. Cost effective solutions: if cost savings can be made through the installation of a more suitable product, we will bring this to your attention immediately.Check out our testimonials page to better understand why we are UK’s favourite provider of free space optic installation services.Your flawless free space optic solution is just a phone call away! Get in touch with us and let’s empower your business with high technology for high performance!