Does camera works in the night time with low light?

Yes, we do have various kinds of camera which can work in low light and can also bear the sun outrage at different times of the year.

Does your consultancy charge anything from the employee?

No, we don’t charge anything from the members to be selected for the job.

What mode of payment do you accept?

We accept all types of payment and accept all kinds of card with at most highest level of security.

Do you help us in installation of the cctv/IP surveillance?

Yes, we do help you in installing the hardware with our best in class network engineer are ready to help you.

Are cameras waterproof?

We do have different types of camera some of which are waterproof, for that we have a list you can check on our website by CLICKING HERE

What do you mean by DVR?

It is a CCTV storing device where you can save your video data.

What are different types of cameras?

We do offer you wide range of CCTV cameras according to your choice you can see them by clicking here

Do you work outside Delhi/NCR ?

Yes, as per client request we work on a PAN India basis.

What are HD cameras?

HD cameras are the High definition Cameras designed to work at a particular resolution i.e. 1080p with a much better than non-HD cameras.

Do natural calamities cover for the product you offer?

Some of our products do cover that, but again it depends upon product to product

Can we edit the size or length of the video even after installing the cameras?

Yes our network engineer will help you out with that​

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